Cat Hygiene

Cat Hygiene

A range of shampoos, sprays, cleaning and care products based on oils and natural essences.

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  1. Öron 潔耳寶: 125 ml

    澳門建議零售價 MOP 198 External hygiene product for dogs and cats
  2. Husse - Revitalizing Wipes (made in France) 寵物特柔濕紙巾(含天然澳洲茶樹油-法國製造): 70 pce

    Husse Wipes and Kennel Wash are dye free, not experimentally tested on animals but are formulated and manufactured with care for animals.
  3. Tass Plus 護腳寶 (貓貓和狗狗的Hand Cream!): 40 g

    澳門建議零售價 MOP 99

    Paw care with beeswax.

    天然蜜蜂蠟, 腳掌護理舒緩膏

  4. Green tea Deo 綠茶粉: 750 g

    澳門建議零售價 MOP 110

    Cat litter powder


  5. Vermi Tabs: 8 Pills

    Contributes to good intestinal hygiene

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New Products !

Check out our latest products ! 

All the supplements are NOW available, and our new product "VERMI" -- herbal de-worm for dogs and cats. 

Portable water bowl 1L and 1.8L ,

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