Cat Litter 貓砂

Cat Litter 貓砂

Cat litter and cat trays are an absolute must for cat owners, giving your cat an easy space to use that can be disposed of with minimal mess or fuss. Take a look at our great range of cat litter products to see what’s on offer.

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  1. Eco Pellets 松木貓砂: 3 kg

    澳門建議零售價 MOP 90

    100% organic product made of pine. Free of dust and unpleasant smell


  2. Eco Kattströ 環保 雲杉松木貓砂: 14 L/9kg

    澳門建議零售價 MOP 270

    Ecologically friendly cat litter system.

  3. Small Eco Kattströ tray and scoop 2層專用貓砂盤和一個貓砂鏟: 1 set 2 pieces

    澳門建議零售價 MOP 248

    Tray and scoop for the Ecologically friendly cat litter system EKO Kattströ.

  4. Indikator: 6L 《現康砂》- 法國製造

    澳門建議零售價 MOP 280

    Clumping cat litter with urinary pH indicator.


  5. Green tea Deo 綠茶粉: 750 g

    澳門建議零售價 MOP 110

    Cat litter powder



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