Husse Sensitive line has the highest quality. Only the highest quality ingredients with a very high digestibility are used. All products from this line are suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion and problems with allergies or gluten intolerance. Products from Sensitive line are also perfect for normal dogs without any digestion or allergies problems.

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  1. Opus Ocean (Grain-free) 無穀物腸胃敏感配方綜合營養狗糧 : 2kg

    High in protein and fat - Super Premium food for dogs

    Regular Price: HK$350.00

    Special Price HK$320.00

    As low as: HK$280.00
  2. Ocean Care Mini (former name: Lax & Ris 三文魚和飯 ) : 2kg

    Carefully selected ingredients with prebiotics to support digestion and essential fatty acids to maintain healthy skin and coat

    專為敏感腸胃或皮膚的狗狗而設嘅營養乾糧,榮獲歐洲2015年Top for Dog 最佳狗乾糧金奬。 

  3. Lamm & Ris 羊肉和飯: 2 kg

    Highly digestible- lamb and rice for dogs with sensitive digestive system
  4. Lax & Ris 三文魚和飯: 2 kg(Renamed to Ocean Care)

    Highly digestible- salmon and rice for dogs with sensitive digestive system

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New Products !

Check out our latest products ! 

All the supplements are NOW available, and our new product "VERMI" -- herbal de-worm for dogs and cats. 

Portable water bowl 1L and 1.8L ,

NEW snacks Rollies -- Tasty rolls with beef, 

  Enriched with vitamins A,D and E, important antioxidants that support the dog's immune system! 

And don't forget our best selling pure salmon oil -- Laxolja: suitable for dogs, cats and human comsumption! 


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