Puppies have unique nutritional needs while growing up. Therefore Husse developed a special range of puppy food which supplies the extra nutrients, vitamins and minerals that puppies need. Valp, Valp Mini and Valp Maxi are suitable as a starter for puppies from 3 weeks old and as complete food from 4 weeks to adulthood

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  1. Valp mini 幼犬營養乾糧 <小粒裝> : 2 kg

    Specially developed for puppies of smaller breeds
  2. Valp Plus , 超級優質營養乾糧, 適合幼犬(3週大起)、懷孕或哺乳母狗, (主要成份雞肉和米飯) , 2kg

    澳門建議零售價 MOP280

    Added psyllium, no wheat gluten - supports puppies digestion

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Dog size
  1. Small < 10 kg
Dog age
  1. Puppy
Dog activeness
  1. Normal
Special needs
  1. Nursing bitch
Animal Protein
  1. Chicken
Special ingredient
  1. calcium
  2. chicken based
  3. flora stimule
  4. gluten free
  5. growth dog



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