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Dental Health

Reduces plaque formation.

How can Husse food reduce tartar formation and improve dental health?

The texture of the kibbles was optimised in order to increase mechanical cleaning of the teeth during chewing. To obtain optimal strength, insoluble fibers are bound into the matrix of the kibble. The function of these fibers can be compared to the function of iron in armoured concrete: the fibers make the kibbles stronger. As a consequence, the teeth penetrate deeper in the kibble before the kibble breaks. Also the humidity and shape of the kibbles was optimised for maximum mechanical cleaning of the teeth.



New Products !

Check out our latest products ! 

All the supplements are NOW available, and our new product "VERMI" -- herbal de-worm for dogs and cats. 

Portable water bowl 1L and 1.8L ,

NEW snacks Rollies -- Tasty rolls with beef, 

  Enriched with vitamins A,D and E, important antioxidants that support the dog's immune system! 

And don't forget our best selling pure salmon oil -- Laxolja: suitable for dogs, cats and human comsumption! 


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Katt Kycklingfilé 雞肉乾: 80 g

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Eco Kattströ 環保 雲杉松木貓砂: 14 L/9kg

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Digestion Plus: 500 g

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Kattunge: 200g

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Exclusive Katt Sterilised: 2 kg

Exclusive Katt Sterilised: 2 kg

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