Healthy lifestyle for dogs, cats and horses.


More energy for active dogs.

Fats contain about twice as much energy as proteins and carbohydrates. The metabolisation of 1 gram fat gives approx. 9 kcal, while 1 gram carbohydrates or 1 gram protein only gives 4 kcal.

High fat diets are indicated for dogs which require a lot of energy. Diets for working dogs or sporting dogs (sledge hounds) should contain high fat levels. In the Husse product range, Husse Optimal Energi with 22% fat is the dog food with the highest energy content.



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All the supplements are NOW available, and our new product "VERMI" -- herbal de-worm for dogs and cats. 

Portable water bowl 1L and 1.8L ,

NEW snacks Rollies -- Tasty rolls with beef, 

  Enriched with vitamins A,D and E, important antioxidants that support the dog's immune system! 

And don't forget our best selling pure salmon oil -- Laxolja: suitable for dogs, cats and human comsumption! 


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Lax & Ris 三文魚和飯: 7 kg

Lax & Ris 三文魚和飯: 7 kg

Highly digestible- salmon and rice for dogs with sensitive digestive system
Play Disk

Play Disk

Flexible and durable. High quality silicon.
Artro’husse: 200 g

Artro’husse: 200 g

Nutritional supplement for dog and cat – Contribute to protect the articulatio...
Kattunge (小貓從斷奶至12個月,也適用於懷孕和哺乳的貓) : 2 kg

Kattunge (小貓從斷奶至12個月,也適用於懷孕和哺乳的貓) : 2 kg

Complete food for kittens from weaning to 12 months. Also for pregnant and nur...
Optimal mini: 200 g

Optimal mini: 200 g

Specially developed for active dogs of smaller breeds.