Healthy lifestyle for dogs, cats and horses. 好食, 健康的食物, 快樂的寵物。


Optimal growth.

Husse super premium food for kittens- Kattunge is based on chicken proteins. The food will provide an appropriate amount of protein for your kitten to nourish growing muscles, body systems, skin, and coat. Sufficient amounts of taurine help your cat maintain healthy eyes, heart and reproductive organs. Husse Kattunge is recommended for kittens from weaning to 12 months.



New Products !

Check out our latest products ! 

All the supplements are NOW available, and our new product "VERMI" -- herbal de-worm for dogs and cats. 

Portable water bowl 1L and 1.8L ,

NEW snacks Rollies -- Tasty rolls with beef, 

  Enriched with vitamins A,D and E, important antioxidants that support the dog's immune system! 

And don't forget our best selling pure salmon oil -- Laxolja: suitable for dogs, cats and human comsumption! 


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Food barrel: 15 kg

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