Healthy lifestyle for dogs, cats and horses. 好食, 健康的食物, 快樂的寵物。

Products for horses

Every Horse is unique and therefore Husse has developed a wide range of Food Supplements and Care Products for each horse specific needs at great prices.



New Products !

Check out our latest products ! 

All the supplements are NOW available, and our new product "VERMI" -- herbal de-worm for dogs and cats. 

Portable water bowl 1L and 1.8L ,

NEW snacks Rollies -- Tasty rolls with beef, 

  Enriched with vitamins A,D and E, important antioxidants that support the dog's immune system! 

And don't forget our best selling pure salmon oil -- Laxolja: suitable for dogs, cats and human comsumption! 


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Kattmalt 麥芽化毛寶: 100 g

Kattmalt 麥芽化毛寶: 100 g

澳門建議零售價 MOP 160 Very tasty malt for cats that regulates metabolism....
Healing Cream: 100 ml

Healing Cream: 100 ml

澳門建議零售價 MOP 210 Healing cream.
Öron 潔耳寶: 125 ml

Öron 潔耳寶: 125 ml

澳門建議零售價 MOP 198 External hygiene product for dogs and cats
Dental S - 20 pces 健牙棒 S  一盒20枝

Dental S - 20 pces 健牙棒 S 一盒20枝

Chewing bars. A daily treat that helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up. 可以保持牙...
Pâté Adult 全天然狗狗濕糧 (成犬主食罐) 牛肉,菠蘿和人參 -  400 g

Pâté Adult 全天然狗狗濕糧 (成犬主食罐) 牛肉,菠蘿和人參 - 400 g

For adult dogs with normal activity level, with the benefit of medicinal herbs